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Browsers - Stability and Compliance


Digital transformation is causing an explosion in the adoption of web business applications, so to ensure that employees' experience of browser-based applications is optimal, it is crucial that they use the correct browsers, and that these are kept up-to-date.

The Browser Stability and Compliance pack addresses these problems with an at-a-glance summary of key metrics with dedicated pages that provide additional actionable insights into performance and stability issues, version dispersion, and non-corporate browser usage.

By maintaining control of installed browser applications, employee adoption and business productivity are improved, and compliance and security risks are reduced.


The rise of SaaS and web-based applications have made browsers critical to productivity. They are also the source of stability, connectivity, and compliance issues, which prevent employees from getting work done and increase the company's exposure to security threats.

EUC teams struggle to drive effective adoption and compliance of corporate-approved browsers, leading to employee frustrations and service desk tickets for issues that could have easily been avoided.


Access real-time visibility into the reliability, adoption, versioning, plug-ins, and connectivity of every browser in your landscape, enabling you to effectively manage and improve their stability, compliance, and safe usage.

By proactively monitoring the reliability of both corporate and non-corporate-approved browsers, you can prevent outages, avoid security issues, and reduce incoming tickets.

This library pack also includes pre-built remote action campaigns, enabling self-heal automation to clear various browser settings. This ensures you can ask for your employees' consent before performing closing and making any changes to their browsers.

Key features:

  • Real-time dashboards to drill down into the reliability, adoption, versioning, and connectivity of the browser landscape.

  • Tracking of corporate-approved browser compliance.

  • Monitoring of plug-ins running on your different browsers.

  • Dynamic Filters to segment data across OS, device type, connection type, location, and browser.

  • Self-heal remote action campaigns to automate changes to browser settings with end-user consent.

  • Set a list of plug-ins to be installed or banned

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