What's new 2023.10

The version 2023.10 release date is November 27, 2023. See the release notes section on our community website for the release notes and download links.

Application-level connectivity data

Resolve network issues more effectively and avoid the network troubleshooting blame game with the following new functionalities:

  • Greater visibility on network destinations

  • Full support of Internet and cloud destinations

  • IPv6 support

  • Monitoring of connection quality

  • Access to all data at once without limitation by engines

  • Ability to see more domain names without needing to use the Data Enricher

  • Reporting of all network connections of all desktop applications

  • Enforcement of data privacy rules on the device

Refer to the NQL data model documentation for more information.

Device View: New connectivity information

Understand application connectivity over time with a new entry in the Connectivity section that displays connectivity data showing connection health, network traffic and the connection establishment duration of the involved binaries and destinations. Refer to the Device View documentation for more information.

Library: New dashboard to diagnose connection issues

See and understand application-to-service connectivity and availability over time. A new library dashboard helps you discover, monitor, and troubleshoot ports and network destinations. Refer to the Infinity Library documentation for more information.

Connectivity data will be enabled in December, and will only be available to customers that have completed the transition to Infinity. This feature requires a Collector update to a version released for 2023.10 Nexthink Infinity release and includes new Collector configuration settings for data privacy.

Content tagging enhancements

Find your saved content more quickly with new content tags for Investigations and Live Dashboards. Once a tag is assigned to a content item, the menu automatically organizes itself and groups items based on these tags. Refer to the Managing Investigations and Managing Live Dashboards documentation for more information.

This functionality will be made available following the completion of the 2023.10 rollout in all regions.

Applications: More granular permissions

Share Edit or View rights for an application with selected profiles, using the Share application option on the application administration page. Refer to the Manage Applications documentation for more information.

This functionality will be made available after December 11, 2023.

Collaboration Experience: New Collaboration Tools module

Access Call quality insights and recommendations more easily using the new Collaboration Tools module available directly from the main menu. Refer to the Collaboration Experience documentation for more information.

Collaboration Experience is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Collaboration Experience: Permissions for Call quality dashboards

Ensure only the right user profiles have access to the Collaboration Tools menu and Call quality dashboards with new permissions for Collaboration Experience. Refer to the Collaboration Experience documentation for more information.

Collaboration Experience is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Campaigns: Use parameters in manual campaigns

Deflect support tickets with faster and more consistent notifications for scenarios such as announcing system outages. Now, configure parameters for manual campaigns in addition to API campaigns, and specify the values for each parameter after selecting employees to target with an NQL query. The system substitutes the parameter values in the message shown to employees and associates them with user responses for later analysis. Refer to the Types of campaigns documentation for more information.

Investigations: Import and export individual investigations

Share investigations more easily using the standard import/export functionality for Infinity investigations. This becomes particularly useful when managing several Nexthink environments, allowing you to replicate individual investigations in each environment without having to manually recreate them. Refer to the Managing Investigations documentation for more information.

Extended virtualization fields

Improve your MTTR with additional virtualization fields that enable a smoother handoff to virtualization experts, and provide clarity to non-experts about the difference between hardware virtualization and desktop brokers. Refer to the NQL data model to learn more about two new device properties, desktop broker and environment name, which are now a part of the data model.

View domains enforced at the user level

Ensure users see only the data they are permitted to. View domain is now enforced on the User table and on events linked to users. Refer to the View domain documentation for more information.

Learn: Updated DEX Optimization with Nexthink learning path

Better understand how Nexthink supports your journey to DEX maturity with the updated DEX Optimization with Nexthink learning path, including the latest version of the DEX maturity model.

Learn: Introductory course content for potential customers and partners

Discover more about how Nexthink works before making a decision. A new Learn Panorama dedicated to Nexthink’s potential clients and partners offers a selection of introductory courses to learn more about how Nexthink can fit into their operations and help address their IT challenges.

Checklists: Add rule-based custom fields

Simplify troubleshooting with rule-based custom fields in checklists, including ratings for quick and easy evaluation. Nexthink administrators can now add rule-based custom fields to checklists, available under the custom field category in the checklist editor. Refer to the Checklists documentation for more information.

Amplify: Multi-instance ITSM support

Use Amplify to access Nexthink information from many different customers within a single ITSM environment. Amplify now supports multiple Nexthink Infinity instances based on customer or instance information specific to a ticket, allowing one service provider, in one ITSM tool, to use Amplify for different end-customer tickets. Refer to the Amplify documentation for more information.

Amplify is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Campaigns: Target employees over a longer timeframe of events

Expand your scheduled campaign possibilities with new support to target employees based on activity over several days. For example, send a campaign to employees that haven't used a particular software package in the past 7 days, or that have experienced repeated software crashes over the past 3 days. Refer to the Creating campaigns documentation for more information.

Binary profiling: New standard action menu

Save time and effort troubleshooting issues with a new contextual action menu to drill down on objects or events. This enhancement helps you further explore information related to a specific binary, for example, to perform investigations into CPU usage or crashes. Refer to the Binary profiling documentation for more information.

Applications: Access dashboards from the search bar

Find application dashboards and configurations more easily by searching for them directly with the global search option in the main menu.

Applications: Export transaction configurations

Configure application transactions more easily with two enhancements to the Nexthink browser extension. In administration mode, you can now export basic transaction configurations in order to set up a new transaction more quickly. Also, manually detect elements to handle advanced configuration scenarios such as end element selection. Refer to the Transactions documentation for more information.

NQL: Changes to sum aggregate function

Investigate your data more easily with the improved sum aggregate function. NQL now provides a more intuitive result when using the sum aggregation function: if there are no events to be aggregated, the sum aggregation function returns zero rather than null. Refer to the Nexthink Query Language (NQL) documentation for more information.

Screen reader support for Device View and Amplify

Extend the usability of Nexthink to users with low vision with new support for screen readers in Device View and Amplify.

Amplify is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

ServiceNow Incident Management Connector: Compatible with Vancouver update

Continue to access Nexthink data and insights from within ServiceNow with new Incident Management Connector support for the ServiceNow Vancouver update.

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