Library Applications FAQ

What if a customer instance already has the library application?

For web applications, we use dummy URLs to enable the installations. Customers can choose to switch to the library configuration. Note that there can still be name conflicts, which can be worked around by renaming the existing configuration.

For desktop applications, users will have a conflict when they try installing the configuration. They would need to remove the binaries from their existing installations to install the library configuration.

What happens when a customer starts using the library configuration instead of their existing configuration?

They will lose the historical data and custom created content (such as key pages and transactions). Note that library configurations are initially optimized for POVs, to give a head start.

Can Nexthink admins edit library installed configurations?

Yes, there are no restrictions.

What happens when a library pack is updated?

Updates of library configurations are supported. Note that these updates would replace any manual change done on a previously installed library configuration. It is advised to check the base URL configurations after the update.

Would it work for those customers who haven't purchased Application Experience?

Yes, provided they remain within the designated number of applications. Note that, if a library configuration has more than 3 key pages or transactions, customers on the free tier won’t be able to install that library configuration.

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