Managing Workflows

Accessing the Manage workflows page

  • Select Workflows from the main menu.

  • Click on Manage workflows in the navigation panel.

  • Click on the New workflow button in the top-right corner of the page to create a new workflow. Refer to the Creating workflows documentation for more information.

Workflows table

The workflows table lists all of the workflows available on your system. Use the search function at the top of the table to search for a specific workflow by name.

The table is organized by:

  • Name: Click on the name to edit the workflow.

  • Origin: The workflow type, the options are Custom, Installed from library and Copied from library. Refer to the Nexthink Library documentation for more information on how to install and copy library content.

  • Status: The workflow status, the options are Active or Inactive.

  • Triggers: The triggering mechanism of the workflow. The options are Manual, Scheduled and Service/API.

  • Active workflow version: The number of active versions for the workflow.

  • Last update: The time and date of the last workflow update.

  • Enabled: Switch the toggle to enable or disable the workflow.

Action menu

Hover over a workflow to reveal the action menu on the left side of the table. The action menu contains the following options:


Share the workflow with other teams in your organization by granting specific permissions to a specific role.

  • Click the Add profile text box and start typing the name of the profile.

  • Select the name from the list.

  • From the Select permissions dropdown menu, tick all permissions that you wish to grant the profile. The options are: View dashboards, Edit and Execute.

  • Click on the Grant permissions button to add the permissions to the list.


View the workflow execution details page. Refer to the Getting started with Workflows documentation for more information.


Edit the configuration of the workflow. Refer to the Creating workflows documentation for more information.

Copy ID

Copy the ID of the workflow for use with the Nexthink API. Refer to the Workflows API documentation for more information.


Export and download your workflows as a JSON file.


Remove the workflow from the system.

Importing a workflow

To import a workflow from your hard drive:

  1. Click on the Import button at the top-right of the Workflows Administration page to import a workflow in a JSON format.

  2. Select the relevant file from your hard drive and import it into the system. The file appears on the list of workflows.


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