Usage guide: Proactive password reset


This workflow helps automate password expiration reminders to users through multi-level checks and reminders across multiple communication channels. With support for both on-premises Active Directory domains and Entra ID environments, the workflow provides a universal way to help reduce disruptions caused by expiring user passwords and IT support workload on the topic.

Ensure your workflow is properly configured by following the steps highlighted in its configuration guide:

Configuration guide: Proactive password reset

Workflow Structure

The first block of conditions, one on top of the other, is necessary to ensure coverage of both on-premises and hybrid environments (on-premises AD and Entra ID hybrid). It determines whether the device is joined to the local Active Directory or is a member of Entra ID. These conditions evaluate the Membership Type property and the presence of a device distinguished name. If the membership type is domain and the distinguished name is present, the device is considered a local AD member, otherwise, it is considered an Entra ID member.

After these two conditions, the workflow execution path is split into two: the left one is executed if the device is a member of the local AD, and the right one is executed if the device is a member of Entra ID.

The logic of the two execution paths is almost the same, but these use different remote actions and campaigns. Below are examples of such campaigns:

Because the workflow supports both on-premises on-premises AD and Entra ID hybrid environments, its logic is split into two branches:

  • On-premises AD: Get the last password change date using a remote action, then evaluate the result against a defined expiration policy and reminder threshold. If the number of days, until a password expires, reaches the threshold, notify the user using an Engage campaign. If the user has the Password never expires flag set, the workflow exits with the appropriate exit code. If the password expiration threshold is reached, the workflow will send another email notification.

  • Entra ID: The logic here is very similar except that it uses a GraphAPI call (LastPasswordChangeDateTime) to get the last password change date and uses an external campaign.

If the password has not been changed and it is still about to expire, the workflow will obtain that user's manager email address and send that user an email from the manager's email address notifying them that they need to change the password. Below is an example of such an email reminder:


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