Salesforce Lightning experience and license optimization


The Salesforce experience and license optimization library pack enables you to monitor and manage your employees’ experience with their Salesforce Lightning, as well as provide insight into the usage of licensed features to optimize licenses.


Many organizations rely on Salesforce Lightning as the key application for their main Sales and CRM processes. However, IT teams and application owners have no visibility over the adoption, speed, reliability, or sentiment that end-users have with this application, which prevents proper troubleshooting. Ultimately, this means that employees with a poor experience must submit tickets or continue to suffer in silence.

In addition, without visibility into the usage of different Salesforce lightning licensed features, it is easy to lose sight of who is using what. This can quickly lead to unnecessarily assigned licenses which, in turn, leads to hidden costs.


Install a pre-built application to monitor the adoption, speed, reliability, and sentiment of your Salesforce Lightning application, as well as troubleshoot any issues, directly from Nexthink Applications.

An additional live dashboard allows you to focus your attention on the usage, under-usage, and non-usage of the main Salesforce Lightning licensed features: Analytics, CPQ, and Knowledge Edit to support license optimization use cases.

Key features

  • Pre-built application to immediately start monitoring the Salesforce Lightning experience.

  • Pre-configured key pages and transactions from navigation URL patterns to gain a high-level and accurate representation of end-users' experience with Salesforce Lightning.

  • Live dashboard to monitor the usage, underusage and non-usage of specific licensing features to support Salesforce Lightning license optimization.

Get started

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