What's new 2023.5

The version 2023.5 release date is June 5, 2023. See the release notes section on our community website for the release notes and download links.

Improved troubleshooting of common IT issues

Investigate common IT issues more easily with out-of-the-box dashboards. Rapidly troubleshoot a single device, or multiple devices at scale, and benchmark a single device against all others in your organization.

New dashboards appear in:


Device View

  • Device benchmark

  • Boot and login - selected device

  • Call quality - selected device, available with a Collaboration Experience license

Add this content by installing the Diagnostics Extension pack in the Nexthink Library. After installation, the dashboards will appear directly in the Alerts and Diagnostics navigation panel and Device View.

Amplify improvements

Amplify has just become even more powerful with the following usability enhancements:

  • Move the Amplify button to another position on the screen to avoid overlapping other actionable content on the page.

  • Display the Amplify button only on specific pages.

  • Define the order of selected fields when multiple fields are present, for example both device and user fields.

  • Look up the selected user or device on Amplify using a keyboard shortcut.

This feature requires an Amplify license. Refer to the Amplify documentation for more information.

Investigations: Summarize and group results in Visual Editor

Aggregate Nexthink data in a way that is easier to understand with the Summarize and Group By functionality in Visual Editor. With just a few clicks you can display metrics and break them down into groups and time periods. Aggregate and break down results directly in Visual Editor to answer questions such as:

  • What is the total number of devices running macOS?

  • What is the average boot duration of a specific device manufacturer?

  • What is the total incoming traffic of a specific application per location?

  • What is the average page load time of a web application over time?

This feature will be made available in an update following the completion of the release. Refer to the Visual Editor documentation for more information.

Applications: Enhancements for transactions

Gain greater insight into application transactions with support for nested iframes. Many business applications use iframes or nested iframes, to embed external elements into their websites. Transaction support for nested iframes has been available in technical preview since version 2022.9 and has now been released for general availability.

Additionally, the maximum number of transactions per application has been increased from 20 to 100 for licensed Application Experience customers. Refer to the Transactions documentation for more information.

Library: New Remote Actions to manage Microsoft Intune

Manage your Microsoft Intune environment with new content available in the Nexthink Library module. Monitor and remediate Intune client health, synchronization and compliance-related scenarios using the following new remote actions:

  • Get Intune Client Diagnostics

  • Get Intune Sync Status

  • Get Intune Device Status - updated with new MDM certificate validity check

  • Invoke Intune Policy Sync

Refer to the Nexthink Library documentation for more information.

Nexthink APIs

Use Nexthink APIs to integrate with other systems. Visit the Nexthink Developer portal to learn more about how to:

  • Use the Enrichment API to enrich object data for manual custom fields of any object or virtualization fields of devices.

  • Target users with campaigns based on events triggered outside of Nexthink using the Campaigns API.

  • Trigger and query remote actions using the Remote Actions API. To execute a remote action on specific devices, you can obtain the Collector IDs using data export or CSV export. In the future, the upcoming NQL API will allow you to fetch those IDs directly.

Learn: Virtualization

Discover our new training course How to support users with virtual desktops. Learn how to configure Collector in the context of a virtual environment, and use Diagnostics and Device View to investigate issues experienced by virtual desktop users.

Library: New content for Campaigns

Build new outreach campaigns quickly with suggested content available directly in the Nexthink Library module. You can tailor built-in campaigns to meet your needs and get employee feedback with less effort than building an entire campaign yourself. Refer to the Nexthink Library documentation for more information.

This feature will be made available in an update following the completion of the release in all regions.

Device Benchmarking

Benchmark and compare the performance of a single device against the rest of the organization with the new Device Benchmarking dashboard available in Device View. Refer to the Device View documentation for more information.

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