Workflow: System crash troubleshooting


You can only troubleshoot system crashes after they have happened, requiring proactive investigations or submitting a ticket. In any case, this disrupts your service desk team as they must reach out to affected devices and/or manually open tickets to diagnose the underlying cause. These manual troubleshooting scenarios tend to be quite simple and repetitive as with simple and common fixes, but they still cost you time.


Orchestrate the troubleshooting of system crashes with a real-time workflow triggered after any system crash. The workflow will automatically notify the owner of the affected device, check and update any pending drivers, and open and close a ServiceNow ticket. The system crash error code will be automatically retrieved and parsed through chatGPT to add the root cause and additional troubleshooting context inside the ticket as a worknote.

Expected value

This fully hands-off system crash troubleshooting workflow will:

  • Reduce employee frustration related to a system crash by automating the incident report for them

  • Save service desk time by reducing manual troubleshooting and automating ticket management

  • Prevent future tickets by automating a fix or providing the proper root cause to investigate for service desk teams.

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