What's new 2022.6

This page lists the upcoming changes to your Nexthink Experience platform.

Version 2022.6 is available and ready for deployment all around the world starting July 12, 2022. For the release notes and download links, see the release notes section on our community website.

Disk Cleanup library pack for macOS

Recover valuable storage space on macOS devices with the Disk Cleanup remote action. The library pack includes the following remote actions:

  • Disk Cleanup empties the trash bin and temporary files, with an optional campaign to notify employees.

  • Empty Trash Bin checks the trash bin size and prompts the employee to empty it if it exceeds a specified size.

  • Get File Extension Total Size reports the total size and lists all files matching the specified file extensions.

  • Get Old Files Size reports the total size of files in a specified path that are older or newer than a given number of days.

The Disk Cleanup for macOS library pack benefits end-user computing engineers and service desk agents who manage macOS devices as part of their infrastructure by providing new automation, investigations and ticket reduction capabilities.

Download and install Disk Cleanup for macOS library pack.

Changes to Webhooks data model

Define Webhooks with new NQL operators for alerts and events. Be sure to update your existing Webhook definitions to ensure compatibility with the latest NQL syntax. Refer to the Examples of NQL conditions online documentation for more information.

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