Workflow: Automatic ticket closure


When your service desk agents change a ServiceNow ticket state to "resolved", they still need to manually reach out to the employee to confirm that the ticket can be marked as "closed". This step takes an unnecessarily long amount of time, leading to delays in ticket closure which ultimately hurts the efficiency of the IT service management process.


Automatically trigger a workflow, in real-time using an API event trigger, the moment a ServiceNow ticket changes state to "resolved". A campaign is immediately sent to the employee to confirm that the service request was indeed completed. If the user confirms, they are prompted to rate the experience while the workflow automatically closes the ticket. If they do not confirm, the ticket is updated accordingly.

Expected value

By fully automating the ticket closure process, you will:

  • Save service desk agents' time

  • Accelerate ticker closure rate

  • Increase employee feedback response rate on their experience with the service desk

Get started

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