Usage guide: Workday experience


The Workday experience library pack enables you to monitor and manage your employees’ experience with their Workday HCM. This page will guide you through the structure of the content and how it can be used.

Please keep in mind this is a guide and represents just some of the potential insight and actions you can take. There are many use cases and specific troubleshooting scenarios that you might uncover in your environment.

Ensure your library pack is properly configured by following the steps highlighted in its configuration guide:

Configuration guide: Workday experience

Web application experience visibility

The "Workday HCM” application acts as a key content for this library pack. It provides access to valuable key insight into your employees' Workday experience directly from Nexthink Applications.

Find out more about how to navigate the Applications dashboard to monitor a web application’s adoption, speed, and reliability, as well as troubleshoot detected issues, on the web application monitoring documentation page.


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