Types of questions

There are four types of questions that you can use in your campaigns: single answer, multiple answer, opinion scale and net promoter score (NPS). Additionally, create and add a final message to the end of a campaign.

Single answer

Use a single answer question when employees must select only one option among all possible choices. Choose this question type when choices exclude each other.

Include a third choice in case the question is not applicable to an employee. This third option helps you avoid collecting misleading information and stops the survey once the questions are no longer relevant to the employee.

Single answer

Multiple answer

Use a multiple answer question when employees can select one or more of the possible choices simultaneously. Contrary to a single choice question, in a multiple answer question, the choices are not mutually exclusive.

Multiple answer

Employees must select at least one option to continue with the survey. The system enables the OK button after the employee makes the first selection. Nexthink recommends including an additional option that employees can tick if none of the others apply. See the last option in the example below.

Multiple answer selected

Opinion scale

Use an opinion scale question when employees must evaluate a product by choosing from several options. Each possible answer has a numerical value associated with it. By default, the value attributed to the first specified answer is 1 and it increases automatically with each newly added answer. It is also possible to assign different values to each answer. Later, you can use these values to compute scores and metrics related to employee feedback.

You can have, at most, one answer choice without any value attributed to it. This type of answer is usually reserved for employees who do not have an opinion about that specific question. To avoid bias, the system does not take into account answers without a value assigned to them when computing averages for scores and metrics related to employee feedback.

Opinion scale

Employees must choose an option to enable the OK button and proceed with the campaign.

Opinion scale selected

Net Promoter Score (NPS)*

Use an NPS question when employees must evaluate a product or service and give it a mark. There is no preselected value and the user can select any mark between 0 and 10. The predefined NPS formula mechanism will then use the selected mark to compute the NPS score.

Net Promoter Score

The system classifies employees as promoters, passives or detractors of the initiative, service or product in the question depending on their answer:



9 - 10


7 - 8


0 - 6

Employees must choose an option to enable the OK button and proceed with the campaign.

Final message

Use the final message to acknowledge employees and notify them that they have answered the campaign in full. This message can also contain a link to support.

Final message

Add a final message only if you’ve added at least one other question type to the campaign content.

  • *Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a registered trademark of Fred Reichheld and Bain&Company, Inc.

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