Controlling the flow of questions

When you define the order of campaign questions, it naturally impacts the order in which employees answer them. There are times when it isn’t necessary to ask all defined questions. This occurs when a question depends on how an employee answered a previous question.

For instance, consider a campaign that contains the following two questions:

  1. A single answer question: Do you need a cloud storage service to share your work? with possible outcomes Yes or No.

  2. A multiple answer question: Select the cloud storage services you prefer, with possible choices Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or others.

An employee that answered NO to the first question will find the second question unnecessary. In this example, avoid this by removing the first question and adding a default choice to the second question: I do not need a cloud storage service. In more complex situations, you may want to entirely skip over specific questions.

Specifying your question flow

Create a branching question flow with the campaign branching functionality. Set up this function in the Content section by enabling the Advanced settings available for all question types except the final message which is always the last question of the campaign.

When you enable advanced settings, new fields appear based on the question type:

  • For single-choice and opinion scale questions, the Branching drop-down menu appears for each choice.

  • For NPS questions, a section appears with a Branching drop-down menu for each category of responses (promoters, neutral, and detractors).

  • For multiple-choice questions, a single Branching drop-down menu appears, allowing you to choose the next question regardless of the selected choice.

When configured, they indicate to the campaign that there is a modification to the normal flow of questions. Instead of asking the user the next question in the defined order, the campaign skips to the question specified in the Branching option. You can also configure it to skip directly to the end of the campaign if no pertinent questions are left.

When creating a campaign:

  1. Define your questions in the order you find the most natural.

  2. Configure the branching options for each choices that will deviate from the flow.

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