Workflow: Battery replacement scheduling


With the prevalence of laptops in the workplace, coupled with the increase in flexible working, battery health is now a concern not only for road warriors but for the majority of employees.


Poor battery life can affect an employee's digital experience, limit their mobility and productivity, and result in unnecessary device replacement, which can impact hardware costs and carbon footprint. With the increase in laptop usage, battery replacement over device replacement is now increasingly common, however, it is a lengthy process of detecting, verifying, and scheduling a battery replacement.


Orchestrate the end-to-end battery replacement process using a pre-built workflow.

This includes:

  • Automating the detection of poor batteries (Windows / macOS) ​

  • Correlating with battery and device warranty. ​

  • Engaging with end-users to verify impact on employee experience ​

  • Recording in ITSM tool any required replacement and/or order


  • Orchestrate a common IT process to save IT support time

  • Extend the lifecycle of devices by replacing components instead of the entire device

  • Reduce hardware replacement costs and carbon footprint

  • Proactive service requests to avoid future tickets and enhance employee experience.


V1.0.0.0 - Initial Release

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For more information on the battery status of devices in your organization, Nexthink has released the built-in dashboard, Battery Health. This dashboard extends your diagnostic capabilities by providing a dedicated dashboard that focuses on battery health insights. This includes key insights about battery inventory, health, and status to help make data-driven decisions to identify batteries that need to be replaced and to improve their battery life.

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