What's new 2022.10

The version 2022.10 release date is November 28, 2022. See the release notes section on our community website for the release notes and download links.

Device View improvements

Gain support efficiency with new functionality in Device View:

  • Identify performance issues easily with new color-coded resource usage bars on the timeline.

  • Display recent installations and uninstallations on the timeline to correlate with other events on the device.

Refer to the Device View documentation for more information.

Investigate and export Campaign responses

Start an investigation from the Campaign module and customize the NQL query to retrieve campaign results. Export to CSV to perform additional analysis in the tool of your choice.

Refer to the Investigations documentation for more information.

Import Nexthink data into Qualtrics

Combine Nexthink factual data with employee sentiment data by importing it into Qualtrics on a regular schedule to address issues and improve the digital employee experience (DEX).

Refer to the Exporter for Qualtrics documentation for more information.

New and updated courses on Learn

Build your Infinity skill set with these new courses and learning paths:

Revisit these learning paths, now updated with new content:

Consult the Update History at the end of each Infinity course to review the latest course changes.

Live dashboard sample queries

Get a head start on building Live dashboards with convenient sample queries. Refer to the Manage Live Dashboards documentation for more information.

Adoption of new macOS Endpoint Security Framework

Nexthink has adopted the new macOS Endpoint Security Framework that is more robust, secure and complies with Apple’s privacy guidelines. To continue gathering the same execution data using the new framework, Collector needs Full Disk Access, which you can provision using a Configuration Profile. Refer to Installing Collector on macOS for more information.

New user permissions for Nexthink Library

Allow or deny access to the in-product Nexthink Library by assigning rights to specific user profiles. Refer to the Nexthink Library documentation for more information.

Simplify the configuration of ServiceNow CMDB connector

Use the update set Nexthink has provided to streamline the configuration process when importing assets into ServiceNow CMDB. Refer to the CMDB import from SFTP into ServiceNow documentation for more information.

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