What's new 2022.8

The version 2022.8 release date is September 26, 2022. See the release notes section on our community website for the release notes and download links.

Introducing Nexthink Infinity

You have now been upgraded to Nexthink Infinity 2022.8. Nexthink Infinity is the new name for our market-leading cloud platform, building on what customers have today with Nexthink Experience. It offers tons of new functionality to help you see, diagnose, and fix employee IT issues, all within a modern web interface. You can always try out the new features and functionality at your own pace, without disrupting your existing deployment.

Learn all about the new Nexthink Infinity here and consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

Visual Editor for NQL investigations

Perform investigations quickly and easily using the new Visual Editor. Now you can query Nexthink data using an interactive and intuitive interface to build NQL queries automatically.

Refer to the Visual Editor online documentation and training for more information.

Remote Actions in the web interface

Create and manage remote actions directly from the Nexthink web interface. Execute remote actions on demand or on a schedule. Consult remote action execution results with built-in dashboards.

Refer to the Remote Actions online documentation and training for more information.

Campaigns in the web interface

Create and manage campaigns directly from the Nexthink web interface. A new web editor with campaign preview lets you create campaigns that you can run manually or on a schedule and even include a remote action to perform a task based on the employee's response.

Refer to the Campaigns online documentation and training for more information.

Device View in the web interface

View device performance parameters, activities, events, and alerts on a timeline. Investigate problems by correlating device performance events with other events such as alerts, errors, connectivity, and usage of specific applications. Drill down to diagnose issues further and remediate them using remote actions.

Refer to the Device View online documentation and training for more information.

Alerts in the web interface

Monitor experience-related metrics to detect IT issues impacting employees. Use NQL queries to define metrics and conditions to monitor with customizable thresholds and trigger email or webhook notifications with contextual information.

Refer to the Alerts online documentation and training for more information.

Library content in the web interface

Discover and use Nexthink Library content directly within the Nexthink web interface. Add new alert monitors, dashboards, remote actions, and campaigns to your environment quickly and easily.

Refer to the Library online documentation for more information.

Live Dashboards

Create custom dashboards based on NQL queries rather than metrics. This gives you immediate insight into KPIs without having to wait for metrics to accrue data over time and are updated with live data right up to the last minute.

Refer to the Live Dashboards online documentation and training for more information.


Integrate with a large number of third-party tools with automatically executed actions in order to quickly report IT incidents, issues, changes, messages, requests, alerts, and more.

Refer to the Webhooks online documentation and training for more information.

Data Export

Automatically extract any part of the Nexthink data model and export it into a number of third-party data platforms. Use NQL queries to generate result sets in formats such as CSV.

Refer to the Data Export online documentation and training for more information.

Geolocation of devices using public IP

Use the public IP address of employee devices to estimate their location based on a GeoIP database. This allows diagnosing performance issues by employee location without having to maintain geographical hierarchies manually.

Refer to the Geolocation of devices online documentation for more information.

Application experience monitoring for all customers

Now all customers can use Nexthink Applications to measure the adoption, speed, and reliability of up to 3 web applications. Custom-defined key pages and transactions, together with guided troubleshooting flows, enable you to diagnose issues and improve the overall digital employee experience. To monitor more than 3 applications, contact your account manager to learn more about the full Application Experience expansion product.

Refer to the Applications online documentation and training for more information.

Nexthink Infinity courses on Learn

Follow brand-new Learn courses and learning paths to discover how to get the most out of the new Infinity features in order to see, diagnose, and fix your IT issues and improve your employees' digital experience.

Discover the new Infinity courses on Learn.

Diagnose binary and system crashes

Use Diagnostics to troubleshoot system crashes and execution crashes of any binary. Visualize crash data in real-time to assess the impact on employees, compare with benchmarking information from other Nexthink customers, and consult AI-powered automated insights to help resolve the issue.

Refer to the Diagnostics online documentation and training for more information.

Custom fields in checklists

Resolve issues faster with tailored checklists for analysts, including information about device health, performance, and configuration. In addition to standard fields, you can now create custom fields with values computed using NQL queries.

Collector for IGEL devices

Monitor performance and device inventory of IGEL thin clients. Investigate metrics such as CPU usage, memory usage, and Wi-Fi connection quality to help identify performance issues in complex virtual desktop scenarios.

Collector support for macOS Ventura

Nexthink Collector is fully compatible and tested for use with the forthcoming macOS Ventura update.

Report installed software package

Track the adoption of business apps and optimize license costs for unused apps by consulting information about which software packages are installed on employee endpoints.

Query the last value of remote actions

Consult remote action execution results as if they were properties of the device. Recent results are often the most relevant, and now, you can directly query the results of the last execution of a remote action without parsing through all the data.

Dashboard role-based permissions

Restrict permissions to Live Dashboards so that only specific users have rights to view or edit dashboards.

In-product documentation

Consult convenient contextual help directly in the Nexthink web interface with new in-product documentation. It includes actionable instructions, descriptions, tips, and links to external documentation and learning resources. In-product documentation is being progressively rolled out throughout the product.

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