Getting started with Live Dashboards

Build and maintain your own dashboards using the Live Dashboards builder with numerous widget options and powerful Nexthink query language (NQL) that allows you to get the most up-to-date data for analysis, visualization and drill-down purposes.

Accessing Live Dashboards

To access Live Dashboards:

  • Select Live Dashboards from the main menu.

  • Select an existing dashboard from the list in the navigation panel sorted by tags. Refer to the section, Tagging live dashboards, in the Managing Live Dashboards documentation.

  • Select an existing dashboard from the navigation panel or click on Manage live dashboards at the top of the panel to create or edit one.


To enable proper permissions for Live Dashboards:

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click on Role from the navigation panel.

  • Click on the New Role button to create a new role or edit an existing one by hovering over an existing role and clicking on the edit icon to change the role configuration.

  • In the Permissions section, scroll down to the Live Dashboards section to enable appropriate permissions for the role.

Refer to the Roles documentation for a detailed description of the permission options.


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