Is Nexthink affected by the MOVEit breach?


Is Nexthink affected by the recent MOVEit breach?


No, Nexthink is not impacted. Nexthink does not use MOVEit as a part of our products and services. There are no MOVEit components in our software.

In addition, there is no impact on the Nexthink production cloud environment. Nexthink security team has reviewed our AWS architecture, and there is no usage of any MOVEit within our cloud environment.

Nexthink continues to monitor the situation and other vulnerabilities as a part of our normal security operations.


On 31 May 2023, software provider Progress Software confirmed a vulnerability in the product MOVEit Transfer that can lead to escalated privilege and potential unauthorized access to their environment. There have been a number of large organizations and government customers that have confirmed potential compromises of their data as a result of this vulnerability.

How is Nexthink protecting its products against breaches like this?

Nexthink applies an in-depth defense strategy, in which multiple controls are thoughtfully layered, providing together mitigation against a wide variety of threats. This includes:

  • Multifactor authentication

  • Host posture checks

  • Restricted access to the management plane

  • Continuous monitoring of any suspicious activity

Nexthink has also achieved the ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, and 27701 and SOC 2 Type 2 certifications for the Nexthink Infinity cloud platform.

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