Configuration guide: Automatic ticket closure


To get started with this library pack, please ensure all related content is installed and configured appropriately. This page provides guidance on which content is included and how to configure it.

Please keep in mind this is just a guide and represents suggested configurations. You are free to customize and edit content as you see fit based on your specific environment.

This page will guide you through the structure of the content.


This library pack contains content from the following expansion products.

Some of these products offer default access to their respective content, and can still be used without the expansion products. To learn more about the default thresholds for expansion products, visit the extended documentation.

Content list and dependency


Automatic ticket closure

Asks the user for confirmation that the service request has been completed. Upon user confirmation the ticket is closed.

Close ticket with CSAT - workflow invoke

Asks the user for confirmation that the service request has been completed.

Configuration guide

To effectively use this library pack, the content must be installed and configured appropriately. Below are some suggested steps to install and configure the content properly before use.

Step 1) Install library pack content

Go to the Nexthink Library and install all required content.

Step 2) Edit campaigns

Navigate to the manage campaigns administration page to review and edit your campaigns.

For each installed campaign, please ensure to:

  • Customize the sender name and image.

  • Review and adjust questions.

  • Publish the campaign when you are ready to use it.

We recommend the following configurations for these campaigns:


Device assignment verification


Not urgent

Step 3) Configure ServiceNow integration

The configuration of connector credentials is essential for enabling API calls. See detailed information at Each Service/API thinklet has a dropdown field for credentials that needs to be filled out. When the workflow is installed or copied from the Library, this field will be blank as it is a local setup of each environment and is not included in the Library.

Step 4) Check workflow parameters

The parameters for the workflow are provided below. There is no need for adjustments as the preset values are already optimized for use.

  • ServiceNow ticket ID: This parameter retrieves the ServiceNow ticket ID when the API is called. Its purpose is to transmit information so that it can be utilized in a parametric campaign as part of the ticket URL, in case the user wishes to view it.

  • ServiceNow ticket number: This parameter retrieves the ServiceNow ticket number when the API is called. Its function is to pass the information for display at engagement campaign popup.

Step 5) Maintain API thinklets locally defined credentials

Each Service/API thinklet requires locally maintained credentials. In this step review all relevant thinklets and maintain credentials.

Step 6) Maintain workflow trigger

This workflow is set to execute automatically via an API trigger. To configure the trigger attribute, select the "API" checkbox in the "General" configuration tab of the workflow.

Step 7) Setup ServiceNow automation

The example below illustrates the proper way to call an API. For further information, refer to the Nexthink API documentation. ServiceNow's Flow Designer offers process automation capabilities, which can be utilized in the automatic ticket closure scenario to initiate a Nexthink workflow when a ServiceNow incident's status changes to "Resolved."

1 POST https://{{domain}}.api.{{region}}
2 {
3 "workflowId": "automatic_ticket_closure",
4 "users": ["S-1-12-1-4055899411-1262556559-111378323-2488333170"],
5 "params": {
6 "service_now_ticket_id": "971b6e79dbe60a545f072ebb1396194f",
7 "service_now_ticket_number" : "INC0012746",
8 "service_now_url": ""
9  }
10 }

Usage guide

Your content is now configured and ready to be used. For usage overview and recommendations, you can visit the usage guide:

Usage guide: Automatic ticket closure


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