Workflow: Windows 11 migration


Given the high demand from organizations for endpoints to run on a supported version of the operating system, this workflow helps accelerate the transition to Windows 11 by assessing device readiness, determining the right time to upgrade with users, and triggering the upgrade.


Most organizations today are either planning or have already begun their Windows 11 migration. However, migrating to an entirely new OS can be intimidating if not adequately prepared, as high risks of failure during migration can quickly lead to increased costs and unnecessary delays.


Orchestrate the migration process using a pre-built workflow.

This includes:

  • Automating the assessment of pre-Windows 11 devices for Windows 11 compatibility

  • Reporting incompatible or partially compatible devices through an ITSM solution

  • Automatically attempt to resolve common incompatibility issues such as low disk space

  • Engaging with users of compatible devices to determine the appropriate time to update


  • Orchestrate a common IT process to save IT support time

  • Extend the lifecycle of devices by replacing components instead of the entire device.

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For more information on Windows 11 migration progress in your organization, Nexthink has released the pack, Windows 11 Readiness and Migration. This pack enhances your ability to monitor and report on Windows 11 migration progress at various stages, assess device readiness for Windows 11 by component, assess device and application stability after migration, and compare before and after DEX scores.

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