Workflow: License reclamation


Large enterprises can easily lose track of the number of software licenses delivered to their employees. Over time, unused and forgotten licenses silently accumulate unnecessary costs for the business. In addition, once detected, removing a user's license can take time and is often done on a case-by-case basis.


Initiate an automated workflow to identify any group of users who are not utilizing or underutilizing a specific application. This will automatically trigger an action to remove a user from the application group and reclaim the license automatically. This workflow can potentially create significant cost savings through license reclamation at scale and saving IT support time.

Expected value

This fully hands-off license reclamation workflow will:

  • Automate process to remove a user from application authorization group using Nexthink Flow.

  • Save service desk time by reducing manual effort of managing license reclamation.

  • Optimize the cost of software by ensuring licenses are allocated to those who require them.

Get started

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