Workflow: Configuration Manager (SCCM) client continuity


Devices without a Configuration Manager (SCCM) client present or functional properly represent significant compliance issues. In addition, detecting, troubleshooting, and remediating the root cause of broken clients can be lengthy for support agents. When the client goes dark, support agents are often unaware of the issue until a ticket is raised.


Trigger an automated workflow across any group of devices to perform a series of checks and self-heal actions to ensure the Configuration Manager (SCCM) client is present and compliant with the required configuration, policy, and services. If any issues are detected, the workflow automatically performs the necessary remediation. If these common issues cannot be resolved by the workflow, an ITSM ticket will be automatically created wth the relevant information to notify support.

This workflow automatically enables you to resolve and filter out common Configuration Manager (SCCM) issues and ensure compliance across the landscape. This saves significant time for any support team, enabling them to investigate and focus on more serious problems.

Key features

  • Automated detection and remediation of the most common Configuration Manager (SCCM) client errors at scale.

  • A condition-driven workflow that diagnoses the device operating system and Configuration Manager (SCCM) client and takes appropriate action.

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