Configuration Manager (SCCM) client health


The Nexthink Configuration Manager (SCCM) client health library pack gives organizations the ability to monitor the availability, compliance, and stability of Configuration Manager (SCCM) clients across all devices to quickly diagnose and resolve client issues.


Managing the health of every Configuration Manager (SCCM) client across thousands of endpoints is complicated. Broken or missing Configuration Manager (SCCM) clients across the landscape will result in serious compliance and security risks as outdated OS' and applications will not receive critical security patches and updates. EUC engineers struggle to ensure that the client is present on every device and maintain their stability and connectivity at all times.


Access a single source of truth to monitor, in real-time, Configuration Manager client presence, compliance, and stability across your entire device landscape.

Leverage landscape-wide visibility about your Configuration Manager client health to automate the diagnosis and remediation of the most common issues, across all impacted devices, and quickly drill down into their root causes to apply the correct fix.

Key features

  • Real-time monitoring of Configuration Manager (SCCM) client presence and health across all endpoints.

  • Instant detection of client failures with rapid root-cause diagnosis.

  • Automated remediation of the most common Configuration Manager (SCCM) client errors, at scale.

  • Monitoring of abnormal client health behavior that might indicate more persistent issues.

  • Monitoring of Windows update versioning to ensure endpoints are compliant with security standards.

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