Workflow: Proactive password reset


Password lockouts are extremely common and disruptive, even when an employee is reminded. It is a leading cause of L1 issues for many companies with short password change frequencies. If an employee forgets that their password is about to expire, they will be locked out and will have to submit an urgent request. Overall, this issue is the leading cause of tickets and it also requires a lot of IT support time to resolve it individually.


This workflow helps automate password expiration reminders to users on Windows devices through multi-level checks and reminders across multiple communication channels, including Engage and email, to ensure notification visibility and increase response rates. With support for both on-premises Active Directory domains and Entra ID environments, the workflow provides a universal way to help reduce disruptions caused by expiring user passwords and IT support workload on the topic.

Key features

  • Orchestrate a standard IT process to save IT support time

  • Reduce the risk of unauthorized access to company systems and sensitive information through prompt password changes

  • Enhance the overall user experience and alleviate frustration by proactively reminding users about password expirations and providing support across multiple communication channels.

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