OneDrive - Stability and Compliance


For many companies, Microsoft OneDrive has become an essential tool for facilitating and improving employee collaboration. It is imperative, therefore, that IT teams can monitor the status of this application across the organization in terms of performance, stability, adoption, and network connectivity.


Application instability or network connectivity issues with OneDrive will result in employee frustration and could lead to data security issues.


  • Performance or stability issues with the OneDrive client could lead to employee dissatisfaction and a loss of productivity if employees are prevented from accessing company data.

  • Network connectivity issues, if sporadic, will result in employee frustration. Prolonged outages, either regionally or globally, will have a much more serious effect on the productivity of those employees affected and could also result in company data not being backed up.


  • For the service owner, a summary dashboard showing key KPIs for performance, stability, adoption, and network connectivity, provides clear information on the status of the OneDrive application within an organization.

  • Support teams can use the dashboard in more detail, with dedicated dashboard tabs for the key measures. Chart breakdowns and dashboard filters allow issues to be narrowed down for troubleshooting.

  • Network connectivity issues, such as failed connections, are shown visually by region. Using the dashboard filters, a high incidence could be narrowed down to a site-specific network fault, dramatically simplifying the generation of a ticket to resolve this.

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