Operational Analytics Information sent to Nexthink

Nexthink automatically gathers non-personal data about product usage, product performance, asset inventory and user activity to provide value-added services to customers.

Product telemetry

The telemetry program aims to provide Nexthink customers with a better support experience by gathering information about the configuration and use of the product.

The telemetry program collects the following data points:

  • Product configuration

  • Product performance

  • Product and feature usage

  • Product feedback

Among other purposes, the following domains are related to the collection of such telemetry:

  • content.insights.nexthink.com

  • data.insights.nexthink.com

The collection of such telemetry is enabled by default. To disable it:

  • New customers must purchase premium support or managed services.

  • Existing customers must contact Nexthink Support and request an update of their license.

Customers disabling telemetry should assume that the initial analysis phases conducted by Nexthink Support may take longer.

Cloud Intelligence

Cloud Intelligence offers customers global insights and benchmark information about the digital experience of their employees.

Benchmarking information is directly available in the various dashboards of the product and allows customers to evaluate their performance and find out if there is room for improvement.

Use Cloud Intelligence insights to improve the troubleshooting process and identify potential issues with specific vendors.

The Cloud Intelligence platform processes only anonymized data where the system removes all PIIs on the following:

  • Executions of binaries with reliability and performance payload

  • Device performance and reliability payload

  • Connectivity statistics

  • Device models and operating systems information that is associated with the above

Nexthink does not collect or store any PII data.

Cloud Intelligence is a built-in feature of the Nexthink cloud platform.

Nexthink Enhance (classic)

The Nexthink Enhance module complements the data directly retrieved by Collector from employee devices with additional compliance and risk information about binary and domain objects. To that end, Nexthink Enhance collects information about the following objects:

  • Binary

  • Domain

In return, Nexthink Enhance adds compliance and risk information to binaries and domain objects in the database storage layer by updating the following fields:

  • Binary

    • Threat level It represents the dangerousness of executing the binary. There are four threat levels defined: none, low, intermediate or high. Binaries unknown to Enhance receive a - as the threat level.

    • Application Category The type of application that the binary belongs to. For example, Email, Browser, Antivirus, Multimedia.

  • Domain

    • Reputation The confidence with which employees can navigate the web domain without receiving malicious content, categorized using the following levels of reputation: trustworthy, low risk, moderate risk and high risk. Domains unknown to Enhance display a - value as reputation.

    • Domain category The main type of online content offered by the servers behind the domain. For example, Social, VoIP, News and information, Search engines and portals.

    • Hosting Country The country that hosts the servers behind the domain.

Nexthink Enhance data is periodically sent to and received from Nexthink:

  • Binaries active at least once in the last seven days are reevaluated every 24 hours.

  • For every new binary or domain that appears in the system, it takes approximately 5 minutes to fetch the compliance and risk information.

Enabling and disabling Nexthink Enhance (classic)

Enable Nexthink Enhance by purchasing the Enhance module as a separate subscription added to the product license. Data to identify binaries and domains is sent to Nexthink, and compliance and risk information about binaries and domains is returned to the Nexthink instance for as long as the subscription is valid.

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