Connector for Citrix DaaS

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The Connector for Citrix DaaS allows you to import device organizational information about virtual desktops, such as host pool or type of desktop virtualization.

The feature is scheduled to run automatically and communicate with the Citrix Cloud API according to the configuration of the API Client.

Citrix DaaS enriches Nexthink device data to enhance device visualization.


  1. Log in to Citrix Cloud using an account with the Read Only Administrator role.

  2. Navigate to the API Access tab of the Identity and Access Management menu.

  3. Create an API Client and write down the generated credentials.

Device fields

The connector for Citrix DaaS imports the following device virtualization fields.

Nexthink FieldDescription

Virtualization desktop pool name

Hardware characteristics of the associated virtual machines

Virtualization desktop pool type

Type of the desktop pool. Possible values are:

  • shared

  • personal

  • pooled

Virtualization hostname

The physical device hosting the virtual machine. It may be empty for those machines hosted in a cloud vendor, such as Azure.

Virtualization hypervisor name

Hardware virtualization system which is being used.

Environment name

Name of the connector instance which enriches the virtual device.

Desktop broker

Name of the desktop virtualization broker product being used. In this case, citrix_daas.

Disk image

Name of the disk image used to deploy the virtual machine.

Configuring the Nexthink web interface

  1. Select Administration > Inbound connectors from the main menu.

  2. Select Citrix DaaS from the list of connectors on the Integrations page.

Refer to the in-product documentation for more information. You can find it in the right-side menu of the Nexthink web interface.


What is the connector for Citrix DaaS used for?

Citrix DaaS enriches Nexthink device data to enhance device visualization by importing information such as host pool or the type of desktop virtualization.

How can I troubleshoot issues with the connector for Citrix DaaS?

Currently, the only way to troubleshoot issues with the connector for Citrix DaaS is to reach out to Nexthink support.

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