Configuration guide: Salesforce Lightning experience and license optimization

To get started with this library pack, please ensure all related content is installed and configured appropriately. This page provides guidance on which content is included and how to configure it.

Please keep in mind this is just a guide and represents suggested configurations. You are free to customize and edit content as you see fit based on your specific environment.


This library pack contains content from the following expansion products:

Content list and dependency

This library pack contains the following content and dependencies:


Salesforce Lightning

Monitor the adoption, speed, reliability, and sentiment of your Salesforce Lightning application, as well as troubleshoot any issues, directly from Nexthink Applications.

  • Required to populate specific dashboard widgets.

Salesforce Lightning license optimization

Monitor the the usage, under-usage, and non-usage of the main Salesforce Lightning licensed features: Analytics, CPQ, and Knowledge Edit.

Configuration guide

To effectively use this library pack, the content must be installed and configured appropriately. Below are some suggested steps to install and configure the content properly before use.

Step 1) Install library pack content

Go to the Nexthink Library and install all required content from the Salesforce Lightning experience and license optimization library pack.

Step 2) Configure the application

Navigate to the manage application administration page to review and edit the “Salesforce Lightning” application. Ensure the URL pattern of your application is defined for your organization:

Key pages

By default, this application monitors the following Key pages:

  • Account

  • Opportunity

  • Lead

  • Analytics

  • Campaign

  • Case

  • Contact

  • Event


There are several examples of transactions provided in this Library Pack by default. These examples can be used to create similar transactions if needed.

Step 2) Verify that the dashboard is returning licensed feature data

Navigate to the Salesforce Lightning license optimization live dashboard and verify that there are no errors in your KPIs. This live dashboard relies on usage data returned by the Salesforce Lightning application based on the following key pages defined in the pre-built application:

key page Analytics = *analytics*
key page Knowledge List = *Knowledge*view
key page Knowledge Edit = *Knowledge*
key page Configure Price Quote (CPQ)= *SBQQ*

Note: In order to have this dashboard working, the key pages of Salesforce Lightning applications must be configured the same way as they are in the application contained in this pack. If you have customized your Salesforce Lightning instance, you may need to adjust the library configuration accordingly.

Usage guide

Your content is now configured and ready to be used. For usage overview and recommendations, you can visit the usage guide:

Usage guide: Salesforce Lightning experience and license optimization

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