Resetting Nexthink web interface admin password

Nexthink manages every web interface instance with an administrator user and password, which are created during onboarding. Nexthink strongly recommends changing the administrator password as soon as possible, in accordance with your corporate password policies.

By default, the password must contain at least eight characters that fall into three of the following categories:

  • Lowercase character

  • Uppercase character

  • Numeric character

  • Special character

Raise a Nexthink Support ticket to configure the minimum password length.

If you forget your password or the password is compromised, contact Nexthink Support to initiate the password reset process.

Only persons listed as technical contacts in your Nexthink web interface instance can make valid password reset requests.

Multi-factor authentication

Nexthink is progressively deploying Multi-factor authentication (MFA) for local Nexthink accounts. MFA may not yet be available on your tenant.

Nexthink strongly recommends setting up MFA on the initial administrator account. See the Use MFA for local accounts section of the Logging into the web interface or Logging into the web interface (classic) documentation for a description how to set up MFA.

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