Workflow: Microsoft 365 E5 license optimization


Microsoft 365 is expensive, and assigning licenses correctly is challenging. Not only does the lack of visibility into license utilization lead to unnecessary costs, but the manual process of detecting licensing models, verifying needs, and changing licenses is also terribly time-consuming and often frustrating for IT teams.


Orchestrate the E5 to E3 license downgrade process to drastically save IT time and reduce licensing costs. This automated workflow connects to Entra ID, detects E5 users, seeks permission for license reclamation, and switches to E3 licenses.

An optional indicator to support this automatic downgrade process is to utilize Power BI Pro usage data to identify users for license adjustments based on real activity. The Power BI application in this library can help identify non-usage of Power BI, allowing for more granular targeting.

  • Fully orchestrated process to simplify and accelerate Microsoft 365 license management process.

  • Remove the unnecessary Microsoft 365 licensing cost at scale.

  • Use of software metering information as a detection mechanism to look at 90 days' worth of Power BI usage data.

  • Option to keep users involved for transparency, awareness, and ensure approval.

  • API call to Entra ID to modify a user's group assignment.

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