Creating categories and keywords with Finder (classic)

Nexthink Finder is a Windows-only desktop application whose functionality is now available within the Nexthink web interface. Nexthink can now be used directly from a browser and most functions no longer require an additional desktop application.

Categories and keywords let you classify objects of the same type into user-defined groups. Only users with the appropriate permissions can create or edit categories.

Create a new category

To create a new category using Finder:

  1. Go to the Categories section on the left side of the main window.

    • If you want to create the new category at the top-level, right-click the header or the empty area of the Categories section.

    • If you want to create the new category inside a particular folder, right-click an existing folder in the Categories section.

  2. Select Create new category.

  3. From the choice list, select the type of object on which the new category is based.

  4. A new category, with the temporary name Untitled Category n, where n is a growing number to avoid name clashes, appears in a new tab. (Optional) Click the name of the category and replace it with an appropriate name.

  5. (Optional) Click the field below the name of the category labeled Enter description here... and give a short description of how the new category classifies objects.

  6. Select the level of privacy associated to the category. For more information, see the chapter on Privacy.

  7. Add new keywords to the category (follow the set of instructions below).

  8. (Optional) Depending on the number of keywords that you define, creating a category can be a lengthy process. Click the Save button after an extensive modification to make sure you do not lose the work you’ve completed.

  9. Click the Save and close button to save your last changes and close the edition tab. Alternatively, click the Close button if you have already saved your work.

Edit an existing category

To edit a category:

  1. Find the category to edit. You can either:

    • Search the name of the category in the Search box of the welcome screen

      1. Click the desired result of the search.

    • Browse the Categories section on the left side of the main window.

      1. Right-click the name of the category.

      2. Select Edit....

  2. Modifiy the name, description or keywords of the category.

  3. Click Save and close.

Add and edit keywords

To add new keywords to a category:

  1. Create a new category or edit an existing category.

  2. Locate the buttons for editing keywords at the bottom left corner of the panel.

  3. Click the button with the plus sign to add a new keyword.

  4. Type a name for the new keyword and click OK. You cannot repeat the same name for a keyword in a category.

  5. (Optional) Set the auto-tagging conditions for the keyword. See the chapter on Tagging objects automatically.

  6. (Optional) To save time, click the button with the image of two documents to make a copy of an existing keyword if you need to create similar classes of objects. The auto-tagging conditions that you defined for one keyword are copied to the other.

  7. (Optional) Click the button with a pencil to rename a keyword.

  8. (Optional) Click the button with the trash can to remove a keyword.

All the functions of the buttons for editing keywords are also available in a context menu by right-clicking the Keywords panel.

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