Software License Optimization


The Software License Optimization library pack provides insights into the three most popular software packages and their utilization:

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Visio

Adobe Acrobat DC

Devices with these packages installed are analyzed for potential license savings opportunities. A lack of executions of these specific packages indicates where savings could be made.


Unused and forgotten applications silently incur escalating licensing costs to your organization. Today, few can afford such hidden costs.

Basic asset management is not enough to drive a cost-efficient workplace. Without usage data, you lose track of the number of licenses delivered across your estate.

These silent costs lead to massive - and unnecessary - expenses for the business.


Detect every unused copy of the most commonly “forgotten” licenses - Microsoft Visio, Project, and Adobe Acrobat DC – across every device in your network. By correlating licensing information with actual usage data, you can understand which licenses are truly forgotten.

You can then easily select and uninstall them at scale to realize immediate and significant cost savings.

You can customize your dashboards to include any application license that you use extensively in your enterprise.

Key Features

  • Realtime visibility over package usage

  • Individual dashboards monitoring each package usage

  • Filters to segment data across OS and location

  • Alerts to stay notified of the usage ratio

Software License Optimization dashboard

The “Overview” tab of the “Software License Optimization” dashboard shows a gauge chart for each of the three software packages. The gauges are displayed for a fixed time of 30 days and indicate the proportion of devices where the package is installed and used (green color), and not used (red color), during these past 30 days. Packages with a high proportion of devices where there is no usage should be investigated further using the dedicated tabs of the dashboard.

To give you an example, here you can see the additional details provided in the “Microsoft Visio” tab.

A list of devices not using the application can be accessed from the click-through investigation from the KPI widget, as shown. Devices could then be investigated further and a locally prepared Engage campaign could be used to confirm with your employees if the license is still required.

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