Intune health


The Nexthink Intune library pack gives organizations the ability to monitor Intune adoption, compliance, and stability across their entire environment to quickly diagnose and resolve Intune issues.


Devices without Intune working as intended represent significant compliance issues and overall end-point management complications. However, IT teams rarely have the visibility to identify compliance or performance issues live in their environment. When problems do arise and tickets are raised, detecting, troubleshooting, and remediating the root cause of client issues can be lengthy for support agents.

Although it is possible to monitor compliance and health using different tools from Microsoft or other external systems, IT teams do not have a single place to do so, making Intune health management a complicated process.


Access a single source of truth to monitor and remediate - in real-time - Intune client adoption, health, performance, and compliance across your entire device landscape. By leveraging this landscape-wide visibility, you can easily and quickly detect the source of client issues and trigger the appropriate remediation.

Key features

  • Real-time monitoring of Intune client presence and health across all endpoints.

  • Instant detection of adoption, performance, and health-related issues.

  • Quick targeting of problematic devices to further investigations.

  • Monitoring of policy, enrollment, and synchronization compliance

  • Monitoring of abnormal client health behavior that might indicate more persistent issues.

  • Data gathering and remediation remote actions to retrieve key troubleshooting insight and enforce policy synchronization compliance.

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