Specifying URL paths of web-based services (classic)

Nexthink Finder is a Windows-only desktop application whose functionality is now available within the Nexthink web interface. Nexthink can now be used directly from a browser and most functions no longer require an additional desktop application.

You can define services in Nexthink for measuring the connectivity of employees to web applications and websites by stating the domain name of the particular provider of the service. In some cases, you may want to differentiate several services that lie within the same domain. For instance, you may want to highlight the difference between:

  • www.example.com/agenda

  • www.example.com/share

To treat these two addresses as different services, you must first configure your Collectors to report the URLs of the web requests addressed to the domain www.example.com.

Then create two services in Finder of the type HTTP web requests with URL path. In addition to the domain name, you can specify a URL path to distinguish services within the same domain. Note that the URL path option is only available for HTTP and not for TLS web-based services. Continuing with our example, you would specify as URL paths:

  • agenda

  • share

All subpaths are naturally included in the definition. You may also use the star pattern to substitute for zero or more characters in the URL path.

DomainURL pathMatches



  • www.example.com/agenda/mycal.php


  • www.example.com/share/myshare.html

  • www.example.com/share/groupshare.html


  • www.example.com/share/myshare.html

  • www.example.com/sharing/index.html

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