The Timeline tab from Device View presents data and events in a structured manner, encompassing various sections. Inspect data that spans a period of up to 30 days.

  • Alerts and errors: alert events, error events.

  • Device performance (5-minute intervals): CPU, memory, system drive space, GPU usage and disk performance.

    • The thresholds for the Device Performance metrics align with the DEX score thresholds, meaning you can evaluate how troubleshooting at the device level impacts the DEX score.

  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi and Ethernet (5-minute intervals), connections, network applications and connectivity applications (15-minute intervals).

  • Activity: system boots, remote actions, installation and uninstallation of packages and windows services, windows services configuration changes, Microsoft Teams and Zoom calls (duration of the call).

  • Applications (15-minute intervals): Network, desktop and web application usage and events (such as the number of freezes in a desktop application). Refer to the Getting started with Applications documentation for more information about application type.

  • User interaction (5-minute intervals): user interaction, login, logout, locks, unlocks, virtual session events such as Citrix RTT, and session network latency.

The timeline color conventions facilitate spotting issues. The events in red are a quick indicator of underperforming metrics and problems.

Zooming in and out of the timeline

To zoom in to a specific section of the timeline from the Device View page, follow one of these options:

  • Click on the zoom-in or zoom-out buttons to load up to 48 hours of data into the timeline.

  • Drag your cursor on the timeline to select the desired timeframe. You can narrow the data down to a six-hour timeframe.

In addition, clicking on the home buttons adjusts the timeline to the events of the last seen date and time of the device, meaning the date and time of the last device activity received by the Nexthink instance.

Drilling down to specific events in the timeline

  1. Hover over a specific event to display their information details.

  2. Click on a specific event to display the selected information details on the right-side panel within the device icon.

    • The information includes device performance, connectivity, activities, application usage, and links to relevant dashboards and Suggested investigations.

In addition, the Remote Actions icon in the right-side panel allows to take associated actions from the Device View page in the target device. Refer to the Device view documentation for more information.

The image below exemplifies drilling down to a network-type application, showing key connectivity metrics such as Failed connections ratio, Incoming traffic, Outgoing traffic, and Connection establishment time.

Refer to the Using Device View for call quality issues documentation to leverage the Timeline tab for collaboration tools troubleshooting.


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