Support policy

This page presents the support policy regarding the client-side agents deployed by the Collector package.


Nexthink uses major, minor and maintenance version numbers as well as the year of such releases in order to designate the different versions of Collector.

Nexthink defines the major, minor and maintenance version numbers as follows:

Year The first set of digits of a version number corresponds to the year of a specific release, for example, 22.xx.xx for the year 2022.

Major The second set of digits of a version number corresponds to a major version of Collector, for example, xx.12.xx, the 12th release of a specific year. Such a version defines new features or updates, including security updates.

Minor or maintenance The third set of digits of a version number corresponds to a minor or maintenance version of Collector, for example, xx.xx.7, the 7th maintenance of a specific major version. Such releases may contain, without limitation, bug fixes, feature enhancements, performance enhancement of the product, or minor security updates.

Nexthink reserves the right to change the names of the versions defined herein. However, the broad concept shall remain the same.


Nexthink supports the latest major version, including any minor or maintenance versions.

Let's say the current version is 22.12.13.

Support for older versions is limited to the two major versions directly preceding the latest major versions made available by Nexthink, irrespective of the minor or maintenance version.

The two previous versions also supported are 22.11.xx and 22.10.xx.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Nexthink will support any major version for no less than six months of its respective release date, to ensure support in the event of frequent major version releases.

Nexthink strongly recommends always using the latest release as soon as it becomes available. The use of older versions may limit access to some features and functionalities.

Nexthink does not make any distinction between supporting and maintaining a version with regard to making needed fixes to the code. Indeed, if a bug is found in a supported version, Nexthink will only provide a fix for the current major version.

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