Operating systems - Stability, security, and compliance


Monitor and manage your different Operating Systems to ensure they remain stable, compliant, and performant.


Managing multiple operating systems in an IT landscape is extremely challenging, requiring constant OS updates, device migrations, and system patching across thousands of devices. Endpoint (Intune, SCCM, JAMF, etc) management tools can help but are still susceptible to 'blind spots' from faulty agents preventing devices from receiving critical updates or patches, leading to performance and compatibility issues, as well as compromising the security of a device.

Service Desk teams are left having to fix too many compliance-related tickets while security teams remain blind to potential security threats.


Access an all-in-one, real-time view of the overall compliance state of your OS landscape, combining both Windows and macOS, and across their different versions. Cross-check the compatibility, stability, and versioning of OS patches and updates across different manufacturers to identify any devices at risk before they can become a problem for your employees and your organization.

Key features

  • Detailed dashboards to monitor the performance, stability, and compliance of the OS landscape.

  • Real-time visibility into endpoint security applications and OS versioning status.

  • Dynamic filters to segment data across location, platform, OS type, and OS build.

  • DEX scores to identify and drill down into the source of application or hardware issues.

  • Monitoring of OS versioning compliance and presence of security applications.

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