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The ServiceNow application for Nexthink Applications includes a library configuration based on the Tokyo UI for both the classic and modern versions. This library can be accessed through the Library section of Infinity, like any other content type. Upon installation, a configuration with a dummy URL pattern is created, and it is required to update this pattern with the specific instance or tenant ID.

Here are some frequently asked questions for the reference: Library Applications FAQ (

Key pages

The key pages in the library cover the standard ServiceNow pages for both the Workplace and Classic UIs. These include:

  • Service Operations Workspace (SOW): This section contains standard pages for the SOW workspace.

  • CMDB Workspace: This section includes all Configuration Item (CI) categories down to the level of CI Class. This includes URLs from both the CMDB workspace and SOW.

  • Classic UI: this part contains some of the examples from wide range of ServiceNow classic menu.

Following screenshots showing some details of key pages from these 3 sections.

Service Operations Workspace (SOW)

ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Classic UI


There are several examples of transaction provided in this Library Pack. They are set up on parts of application where there is no URL change for user interaction.

These examples can be used to create similar transactions if needed.

Transactions “Incident Task SLAs Tab” and “Incident ‘Impact’ Tab“

Transactions “Incident Task SLAs Tab” and “Incident ‘Impact’ Tab“ were defined to monitor employee experience specifically related to Incident form tabs. The same tabs may be used for different view forms (e.g. “Service Operations Workspace” and “Default view” contain the same “Task SLAs” tabs). It's worth noting that these tabs can be used in different view forms, and if a tab has the same unique selector as the pre-defined tabs, the transactions will automatically monitor those tabs as well. This allows for a more comprehensive understanding of employee experience across various forms and contexts.

Transaction “Nexthink Amplify“

The "Nexthink Amplify" transaction is designed to monitor the adoption and performance of Nexthink Amplify. It's important to note that this transaction will only provide useful data if Nexthink Amplify is being used within the organization.

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