Extension deployment

Nexthink Amplify relies on a browser extension available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

The Nexthink browser extension is available in the Chrome Web Store.

Download the extension from Nexthink Amplify - Chrome Web Store with bmpbcphgifhfkfjioddeenggdpffbgek as the extension ID.

Deployment considerations

Deployment pace varies and depends on the release process of your organization. For any change in hardware or software, precede the implementation of the browser extension by a proof of concept and testing phase. This is typically done on a limited number of endpoints.

Use Group Policy Object (GPO) on Microsoft Windows to deploy the browser extension on selected target devices if this is the standard way of managing browser extensions in your organization.

Additionally, ensure that the Nexthink browser extension is a part of the organization’s browser policy, which enforces the extension.

Without a proper browser policy in place, the existing policies might remove the extension, preventing users from accessing Amplify.

Ensure that you do not have existing browser extensions set at the current or higher user level before deploying the Amplify browser extension, otherwise, the system might uninstall them.

To check your existing policies on a device, type chrome://policy in the Chrome address bar or edge://policy in the Edge address bar.

For more information about policy management, refer to your browser documentation:

Before rolling out the extension to all target users, Nexthink strongly recommends educating those target users on how to use the extension.



Your IT department can deploy the browser extension using a GPO or policy profile.

If the extension is not deployed through GPOs on Windows, please verify that there is no existing policy that could remove the extension.


To deploy the Amplify browser extension for Google Chrome, add the Nexthink Amplify Chrome browser extension ID to the Extension Install Force list GPO of the Chrome browser.

Here is an example of a registry key pushed by GPO:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Force the browser extension pinned state

For managed Chrome browsers on Windows and macOS, you can pin the extension to the toolbar by default, making it easier to locate and use Amplify. Adjust the toolbar_pin setting of the ExtensionSettings policy to force the browser extension pinned state.

Refer to the Chrome support website for more information.


To deploy the Nexthink browser extension for Microsoft Edge, add the Nexthink Applications Edge browser extension ID to the Extension Install Force list GPO of the Edge browser.

Here is an example of a registry key pushed by GPO:



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