What's new 2022.9

Version 2022.9 release date is October 24, 2022. See the release notes section on our community website for the release notes and download links.

Multi-metric gauge chart for Live Dashboards

The multi-metric gauge chart allows you to quickly assess how widespread an issue is across a population of devices, users, or events. Refer to Widget types documentation for more information.

Rich text editor for Campaigns

Create engaging campaigns and improve readability with new rich text capabilities: bold, underline, italics, hyperlinks, and line breaks. Available now in technical preview. Refer to Getting started with Campaigns for more information.

Date picker in Device View timeline

Jump to a specific date in the timeline quickly with a convenient date picker, in addition to the existing timeline scrolling functionality. Refer to Device View documentation for more information.

Update in-product Nexthink Library content

Discover updated library content directly within the in-product Nexthink Library, and update it easily with the click of a button. Refer to Nexthink Library documentation for more information.

User management improvements

Administrators can now search for users, see the last time users successfully logged in, and measure usage of Nexthink based on the number of successful logins. Refer to Adding users documentation for more information.

Content permissions for remote actions

Assign access rights for remote actions, giving you control over which user profiles can execute or edit a given remote action, or view its execution dashboard. This functionality will be made available progressively to all customers in the days following the rollout. Refer to Manage remote actions documentation for more information.

Geolocation information for web apps

Measure employees' experience using web applications based on location and help troubleshoot slowness and error issues by correlating them with their geolocation. Refer to Applications Adoption, Speed and Reliability documentation for more information.

Export investigation results to CSV

Easily export the results of any investigation as a CSV file to perform additional analysis in the tool of your choice.

Consult installation and uninstallation events

Track the adoption of business applications and optimize license costs of the unused applications by running an investigation to see which packages are installed on any endpoint.

New object property: first_seen

Check when a device, user, binary or package was first seen on your network to validate a process or trigger a workflow, for example, to launch a campaign for new users, or perform an action with webhooks.

Visual thresholds on charts

Display thresholds on your live dashboard charts and see at a glance when actions need to be taken. Refer to Manage live dashboards documentation for more information.

View Nexthink Library content dependencies

Understand library content dependencies and view them directly in-product, for example, to see if a certain dashboard requires the installation of a specific remote action to query the information. Refer to Nexthink Library documentation for more information.

Library pack: Intelligent hardware refresh

Identify end-of-life devices that are candidates for extended use or upgrades to reduce costs, counter chip shortages, and reduce CO2 emissions without impacting the digital experience of your users. Raise employee awareness about end-of-life devices that still have a good DEX score, and provide end-user computing teams with a list of candidates that accept to be extended.

Show remote action outputs in checklists

Use the results of remote actions in custom checklists as additional information to assess the health of devices, for example, average boot duration or the number of crashes in the last 24 hours.

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