Nexthink Library

Access Nexthink Library content directly within the Nexthink web interface to add dashboards, monitors and remote actions to your environment quickly and easily.

  • Refer to the Infinity Library packs documentation for more information about each individual library pack.

  • Refer to the Library website for more information about all the library packs available for the Nexthink platforms, both Infinity and classic.

Accessing Nexthink Library

Select Nexthink Library from the main menu. You need appropriate permissions to use the Nexthink Library module, refer to the Permissions section.

On the Overview page you can search for the name of the library pack and filter the page using a drop-down menu for library packs that are:

  • Installed

  • Not installed

  • Installed and not installed: this filter displays all library packs and content items.

The search and filtering features work for Packs and Content tabs simultaneously.

Nexthink Library overview

Packs tab

The Packs tab displays library packs in the form of tiles. Each tile shows:

  • A title.

  • A short description.

  • The date when Nexthink released or updated the pack.

  • The content items that have already been installed. If there was an interruption to the installation process, the number of installed items might be less than the total number of content items.

  • An Install or Install missing content button, depending on the context. The buttons are visible only if you have Manage all… permissions for all content in the pack. For example, if a library pack contains 5 content items, 2 remote actions and 3 dashboards, you must have Manage all remote actions and Manage all dashboards permissions enabled to install all content items. See the Permissions section for more information.

  • A Details button that links to the details page for the library pack.

Content tab

The Content tab displays all content items available for your Nexthink instance. Additional filtering widgets help you narrow down your search by library pack name and content type.

Content tab

The content table is organized by:

  • Installed: A check mark appears if the content has been installed.

  • Name: The name of the content item.

  • Library pack: The library pack that the content item belongs to.

  • Type: The content type can be a remote action, monitor, dashboard or custom field.

Nexthink Library details page

There are two types of library details pages, one for a content item and another for a library pack.

Library pack details page

Library pack details page

The library pack details page includes information regarding the Description, Version, and Contents.

  • Description: Read the description of the library pack.

  • Screenshots: When available, view screenshots to get a glimpse of the functionality offered by the library pack.

  • Version: See if you have the latest version of the pack and follow the version history.

  • Contents: See all the content items that comprise this library pack. They are organized by different content types, such as remote actions, dashboards, monitors or custom fields.

  • Install or Installed: Click the Install button to add the library pack to the product. The button is labeled Installed if the library pack has already been installed on your system.

Library content details page

The library content details page includes information regarding the Description, Version, and Dependencies.

  • Description: Read the description of the library content item.

  • Screenshots: When available, view screenshots to get a glimpse of the functionality offered by the library content.

  • Version: See if you have the latest version of the content item or if an update is available. Follow the version history.

  • Dependencies: View the dependencies of the content item. Search for dependent content items on the Overview page and install them as needed.

    • By default, the system preselects all dependent content for installation.

    • If you do not wish to install certain dependencies, you can deselect them in the dependencies section.

    • Once installed, the system displays the dependent content in a read-only mode with the corresponding checkboxes selected.

    • In case of failure during the installation of the dependent content, the system proceeds with the installation of the remaining dependencies and the main library content.

  • Create a copy (remote actions only): Create a copy of a remote action content item. After you click on the Create a copy button, the system redirects you to the Manage remote actions page where you can configure the remote action to meet your needs.


To enable proper permissions for Nexthink Library:

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click on Roles from the navigation panel.

  • Click on the New Role button to create a new role or edit an existing role by hovering over it and clicking on the edit icon to change the role configuration.

  • In the Permissions section, scroll down to the Nexthink Library section to enable appropriate permissions for the role.

Refer to the Roles documentation for a detailed description of the permission options.


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