Nexthink Infinity unlocks visibility across employee devices, applications, operating systems, physical locations, network connectivity, and more using real-time alerting, diagnostics and analytics, and automation and remediation.

Issue detection and real-time alerting

Proactively identify employee experience issues before they become IT problems with immediate red flags about any incident.

  • Focus and fix employee experience issues before any ticket storms arise.

  • Configure alert thresholds and workflow, including integration with third-party systems.

Diagnostics and analytics

Identify the context, scope, and impact of issues to accelerate troubleshooting through machine-learning pattern spotting.

  • Rapidly determine the root cause of issues for all affected employees.

  • Visualize event-level data affecting employees across all locations and devices.

Automation and Remediation

Automate everything and efficiently remediate anything in seconds across more than one million endpoints.

  • Resolve issues before employees are affected and proactively elevate employee awareness.

  • Customize remediation to equip IT teams with one-click resolutions for common problems.


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