Web Application Advanced Troubleshooting


Web applications are prone to many different issues. Most notably, these manifest in long page loads as users are trying to access key applications, folders, or other cloud services. Long page loads can not only lead to employee frustrations that impact their productivity, but they can also be the symptom of a more serious problem.


Access a dedicated dashboard with a deep, granular level of information to troubleshoot employee issues related to their web applications. You can also leverage employee experience insight to rapidly detect, drill down, and diagnose page load times across your different applications.

Key benefits

  • Overview of employees’ experience with page load time across different applications.

  • Metrics measuring the duration of page load, backend, network, and client time.

  • Dedicated tab to drill down into page view events.

  • Filters to target different device groups – from high-level overview down to a single device.

  • Filters on key page load metrics, such as URLs, navigation, applications, and experience level.


This Library Pack complements Applications, offering additional filtering abilities and more detailed information. For example, when identifying user complaints about slow page loads, this dashboard goes hand-in-hand with the Device View or Applications module by extending your level of insight.

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Usage guide: Web Application Advanced Troubleshooting

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