Getting started with Experience Optimization (classic)

Experience Optimization presents an overview of the current DEX score, its distribution across groups of employees, and its evolution over time.

Some functionality of Experience Optimization is linked with Finder (classic).

Nexthink Finder is a Windows-only desktop application whose functionality is now available within the Nexthink web interface. Nexthink can now be used directly from a browser and most functions no longer require an additional desktop application.

Accessing Experience Optimization

Experience Optimization is the default page you land on after logging into the Nexthink web platform. To access Experience Optimization from another page, click on Experience Optimization in the main menu.

There are five tabs on the top of the page that break down the DEX score of your organization:

  • Overall

  • Device

  • Productivity applications

  • Business applications

  • Employee sentiment

The pages contain:

  • Gauge widgets group the devices according to the value of their DEX score.

  • Breakdown widget that displays the DEX score according to various dimensions.

  • Experience over time widget displays the evolution of the overall DEX score for the last 30 days.

  • What should I focus on today? This section displays items you should focus resolving based on a priority level and impact on the DEX score.

Refer to Using Experience Optimization documentation for more information.


To enable proper permissions for Experience Optimization:

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click on Profile from the navigation panel.

  • Click on the New Profile button to create a new profile.

  • Hover over an existing profile and click on the edit icon to change its configuration.

  • Select the Custom dashboards and Finder permissions tab on the Edit profile page.

  • Scroll down to the Experience Optimization section to enable View Experience Optimization. Note that by default, this permission is disabled.

Nexthink Remote Actions and Campaigns are not mandatory, but the DEX score V2 library pack must be installed and configured.

Refer to Adding users documentation for more information.

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