Usage guide: Device assignment verification


If the ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management database isn’t kept current, it can lead to a range of operational challenges. Inaccurate documentation of a device’s current user can disrupt resource retrieval processes, causing delays and confusion when devices need to be collected for maintenance or upgrades. This discrepancy can also result in applications being installed incorrectly or not at all. Thus, maintaining up-to-date assignee information is crucial for the efficiency of resource retrieval and the security of the overall IT asset management system.

Ensure your library pack is properly configured by following the steps highlighted in its configuration guide:

Configuration guide: Device assignment verification

Workflow Structure

This workflow is primarily designed to run automatically using a event trigger.

This section describes the key steps in this workflow:

  • Initially, the workflow fetches device details from ServiceNow, along with information about the assigned user for the device. Subsequently, it compares the currently logged-in user with the assigned user. If any discrepancies are detected, the workflow proceeds further.

  • If the “Ask for permission?” workflow parameter is enabled, the user will be presented with the following campaign”

  • The workflow progresses to a stage where it fetches the ServiceNow details of the currently logged-in user and subsequently updates the “Assigned to” field in the Hardware Asset database record with the logged-in user’s name.


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