Usage guide: DEX checklist


This library pack will help you understand an individual device's DEX score and its owner's digital experience with a simple checklist breakdown. This page will guide you through the structure of the content and how it can be used.

Please keep in mind this is a guide and represents just some of the potential insight and actions you can take. There are many use cases and specific troubleshooting scenarios that you might uncover in your environment.

Ensure your library pack is properly configured by following the steps highlighted in its configuration guide:

Configuration guide: DEX checklist

Pack structure

Improved troubleshooting experience using DEX scores

The "DEX checklist" checklist acts as the starting point of this library pack. The DEX checklist provides a simple view of a single device's DEX score directly from your troubleshooting platform. Once installed, the checklist will be accessible in Device View or Amplify.

Based on these high-level scores based on custom fields and ratings, the help desk agent can get a quick understanding of not only the health of the device but also the employee's overall experience with their devices.

Use cases

Access the checklist in Device View

Nexthink Device View is a dedicated section of the product designed to help IT support teams gain deeper insight into device-level troubleshooting scenarios.

The DEX checklist is available in the checklists section of the Device View.

For more information about using checklists in Device View, see the documentation.

Access the checklist in Amplify

Nexthink Amplify is a browser extension that brings Nexthink intelligence into any web-based solution, such as ITSM, to assist support agents in the faster handling and resolution of support tickets.

The DEX checklist is available in the checklists tab in Amplify.

For more information about using checklists in Amplify, see the documentation.


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