System crashes

Assess and troubleshoot issues related to system crashes on macOS and Windows devices.

Accessing the System crashes page

  • Select Alerts and Diagnostics from the main menu.

  • Click on System crashes from the navigation panel. The page shows detailed information about system crashes for impacted devices over the past 7 days. A device is impacted if at least one system crash occurred during the selected time period.

The top banner displays the number of devices for which system crashes have occurred.

Hover over the Devices with issue gauge on the right side of the banner to reveal the action menu, click on it and select Investigate devices. Follow the link to the Investigations page for more information about impacted devices.

Assess issue

Understand the context and scope of system crashes:

  • System crashes: View system crashes over a given time period on a line chart. Hover over the line to reveal tooltips with more information.

  • Devices with crashes: View devices over a given time period on a bar chart. Click on individual bars to reveal tooltips with more information.

  • Technical: Filter results by technical criteria such as Operating System, Platform, Hardware model, Virtualization type, and Error Code.

  • Location: Filter results by geolocation hierarchy. This section is visible only if the Geolocation feature is enabled. You can configure it on the Product configuration page of the Administration module.

  • Organization: Filter results by entity and organizational hierarchy.



Compare the weekly percentage of devices with system crashes in your organization against other companies. Benchmark data is collected from all Nexthink cloud customers in all regions.

Device model

  • Device model: View information about the device model.

  • Crashes: View the total number of crashes for a given property value.

  • Devices with issue: View the total number of devices that had a crash. The percentage is calculated with respect to the total number of devices with the given property value. Hover over the percentage with the teal background to reveal a tooltip with more information.


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