What's new 2022.1

Library Pack: Windows 11 - Operate

Manage the stability and employee experience of your Windows 11 installation base to proactively fix and prevent performance degradations. Monitor landscape versioning to keep devices on the latest feature and quality update and ensure they remain secure and compliant.

Explore Windows 11 - Operate

Application Experience

Explore new enhancements in Application Experience:

  • New charts showing impacted employees available in the Speed and Reliability tabs.

  • Sanitized codes for hidden URLs shown in the URL table to preserve privacy.

  • Default time frame changed to “Last 14 days”.

  • Default breakdown is now "Browser" to match common usage patterns.

Visit Application Experience online documentation for more information.

Easier drill-downs

Explore the updated Investigate more panel with new options to drill down into investigations. Gain greater confidence in writing NQL queries with a simplified NQL data model for Application Experience.

Visit Application Experience online documentation for more information.

Automatic transaction end detection

Transactions are critical for measuring employee experience when they are performing important business actions. To simplify the configuration of transactions, Application Experience offers automatic detection of the transaction end (disabled by default).

For more information visit the Configuring applications documentation of Application Experience.

New triggers for Webhooks

Configure Webhooks to listen to device_performance and execution events such as crashes, hard resets and boots. These events can then be used to trigger actions on many third-party tools.

Learn more about the Webhook technical preview.

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