Nexthink administrators can view Nexthink license information on the License page of the Administration module.

To renew or update an existing license or subscribe to new products, contact your Nexthink representative.

Accessing the License page

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click License in the System Administration section of the navigation panel.

License summary

The banner shows a summary of your Nexthink license status, including:

  • License status: See if the license status is valid.

  • End date: View the expiration date of the license.

  • Type: See the type of license assigned to your organization. The license types are:

    • Commercial

    • Demo

    • Evaluation

  • Customer ID: View your customer ID. This is your Nexthink cloud instance link and is required when contacting Nexthink.

Device consumption and allocation

The banner shows device consumption and allocation with the number of used devices. The system breaks down this allocation into Endpoints, Servers, and Thin clients.

Product expiration date

Find all product expansion licenses in the Product expiration date table. The table is organized by Product name and Expiration date with information about how many days remain until a license expires.

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