What's new 2022.2

Application Experience Enhancements

Application experience has been enhanced to offer more ease and convenience to end-users.

  • Dashboards are now keyboard accessible.

  • New extension info message for end-users has been added.

  • Overview dashboard: open the screen associated with the selected metric when clicking on the tile.

  • Reliability dashboard: “employees with errors” are now shown in red on charts.

Webhooks support for OAuth 2.0 authentication

Webhooks can now be used with third-party tools that use OAuth 2.0 client credential flow. This enhancement expands the breadth of third-party tools that can be integrated with Nexthink Experience.

Enhanced product version tooltip

The product version, shown when hovering over either the Nexthink logo or corporate branded logo in the upper-left of the screen, has been enhanced. The versions of both the Experience platform and Portal/Engine are now displayed, for example, "2022.2.1 (" This allows you to confirm when your system has received the latest updates.

Improved IT Support learning path

Explore the new look and feel of the IT Support Learning Path on Nexthink Learn:

  • Courses have been reformatted for better readability.

  • Exams and quizzes have been recreated and are now less difficult.

  • Easy to follow course progress and exam completions have been added.

  • The improved overall learning path is now more interactive and user friendly.

If you have already been certified there is no further action required.

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